Are my Loudspeakers Suitable for Hang® Gudu Videos?

Many speakers in smartphones, tablets or notebooks and some headphones and earplugs are failing to play back the bass pulse, generated by vibrating air in the Hang Gudu’s cavity.

Often it is completely muted. In other cases its volume is very low and doesn’t give you a realistic auditory impression.

This video allows you to test if your loudspeakers, headphones or earplugs are suitable for the playback of Hang Gudu videos.

If your devices fail the test you should look for better playback options. Sometimes it can be sufficient to reach for earplugs. With high-quality headphones you will achieve the best results. Another option is to connect the notebook, tablet or smartphone to your hi-fi system.

If you want to know which piece of music is played in the test you will get the answer in this video.


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